Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gleaned Clean

An AP article, November 23, from Platteville, Colorado, was picked up by the NY Times, which is where I spotted it. A farm family opened up their 600 acres north of Denver. People were invited to glean potatoes, carrots and leeks.

40,000 people showed up.

Seems to me this reflects the increasing hunger in our land, especially hunger for fresh produce, as incomes decline and jobs are lost.

I noticed early this fall that on the west county bulletin board here there were only one or two offers of free fruit and produce. Last year there were so many. Either people are learning to dry or can themselves, or they are getting their surplus to food banks, or they are inviting programs that serve the hungry to glean. Or maybe the folks who took their surplus last year remembered and called them up at the right time. Whatever. The need is greater, and connections to get the surplus to those who can benefit seem stronger. No need to offer up those apples or potatoes anonymously. And beware what happens when you do!

I wonder if the Millers in Colorado will try an open invitation again...

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