Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rosewood Community Garden

- this just in, from our friends at the Church of the Beloved.

Date: Sunday, February 28, 2010, 1:54 PM

So, the garden is calling you...

...but you don't have a garden and maybe you've never gardened before.
That's okay, because that's what the ROSEWOOD COMMUNITY GARDEN (RCG) is for!

This Garden is for everybody, if you are pre-novice or if you are a 40 year expert - we want you to join in.
We're making a schedule of events and designating beds and want to know what you're interested in.
Take thirty seconds to fill out this Doodle Doc and let us know:

The real of possibilities is massive when it comes to what we could do together. Here's just a few ideas, but we need your ideas!
Heirloom seed harvesting, drying and sharing, vegetable gardening, flower gardening, soil testing, soil reclaiming, worm bin & composting workshop, educational films, seed starts, cider pressing, canning and pickling, berry bushes, mulching, earthen cob oven construction, green houses, classes for kids and families, energy conservation, rain water catchment... what else?

Not only do we want to create a spectacular working urban farm that offers growing space and hands-on education, but we also want to rally together to bless other gardeners and small sustainable farms by creating "Garden Mobs". This is where we get a big group of volunteers together and do in an afternoon what would take a small time gardener or farmer weeks. And what we get out of it is new know-how, strengthened community, and that, "Wow! We just did that!" feeling. There's a box to check on the doodle if you want to join or let me know if you want to nominate a garden/farm. (read more about other Mobs around the country)

Everything! The Trinitarian Creator God who has called us Beloved has also called us to care for this big beautiful planet starting with what's right in front of you. But we've gotten so far away from our sources of food and the natural world altogether that there's no wonder that we have no wonder left for God's good creation. Nothing personally impacts us and the world more than what we eat. At every meal there is a hotbed of issues directly related to how we "Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God." So this is just one little way to love and serve the God who creates, saves and sustains the world... and invites you to join in.

JOIN US THIS TUESDAY 5:30PM in the garden to do some planning with author Christine Sine
and THIS SATURDAY from NOON to 4PM for the first round of planting at RCG.
Keep praying that we receive the garden grant, but either way the sun is emerging and so is the Rosewood Community Garden,

"It's a really, really big house church"
worship_sundays @ 5pm
adrs_8104 220th st. sw edmonds 98026

Friday, February 12, 2010

Farm school

"Farm school", an article by Fred Bahnson in the Christian Century magazine, January 26,1010, p. 22-25, gives a picture of the Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO) and its work 'sharing horticultural skills with the world' - the developing world, that is. ECHO works as a sort of agricultural extension service on behalf of third-world farmers, doing agricultural research on behalf of poor farmers, and sharing simple techniques that build on what they know and that they can put into practice.