Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Count Your Blessings

and thank God for them.

One of my blessings this year is that I have been so busy thinking and writing and talking about food issues - but that means I don't get to my blog as often as I would like. I just finished a little paper for the ENEJ - Episcopal Network for Economic Justice - on food, health, environment and the poor, and I have some more work to do for our food system working group.

I hope to do some writing here over the holiday. I've got notes on scraps of paper and oodles of electronic bookmarks to follow-up - even a few photos I could post - perhaps I can get to them on days off from paid work.

And I'm taking a jar of cranberry chutney with me - a 6000 mile condiment!

May your condiments be many and those at your table happy and thankful.

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