Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's growing in your yard?

I've just added a fun site which I found in a NY Times article today, Kitchen Gardeners International.

Having always grown something edible where I live, even if in a pot on a fire escape or balcony, I like this kind of thing. The idea that growing your own and edible landscape might become a serious trend is very attractive. When I walk around my neighborhood or drive around my city I tend to see front lawns covered in rocks or small vacant lots as places where food could be grown. Seriously - why have grass or pea stones on a sunny few square yards in front of your house when you could have tomatoes? My yard is too shady in the summer, but I harvested a nice lot of chard earlier this week, will continue to harvest herbs through the spring, and need to get more serious about lettuces for next winter. The little I did this year was a welcome addition to a few meals.

And there is that appreciation for the bounty of it all that you can get without driving anywhere.

I also like the descriptor on the site: kitchen gardens are a "globolocal" phenomenon.

We need more of them - things that manifest locally but are connected globally - and now we have the word for it.

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