Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not exactly good news

so maybe it should be called well news?

Actually it's well-written news, a thorough article on what is happening with food prices and the rise in numbers of hungry people in one locale. And since I've been impersonating a journalist, I really appreciate well done stories - that don't belabor, but do honor the complexities.


I suspect this story, with some variations for local circumstances, could be told in many cities around the country. Certainly in our diocese everyone involved with a food pantry or soup kitchen or community meal is reporting stresses and challenges. I get emails of links to stories from many papers and TV stations with the word "Episcopal" in them - and almost every day there is an article about challenges faced in charitable programs for the hungry.

I've been obsessing about the global food crisis, especially its environmental dimensions, but I need to remember the need for local efforts, and the place that charity does have when we are in the midst of crisis, and while taking the necessary time to assemble long term solutions.

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