Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Real Deal in Food

You may have noticed that I don't spend a whole lot of time on my blog on nutrition and diet. This is partly due to my stronger interest in justice issues, and partly because there are days I'd rather just eat than try to be disciplined about it. I rationalize this sometimes by saying I use environmental criteria to make food choices, but it's more likely on some days that I just relish being a little gluttonous.

Today John sent an article from the Seattle Times about following Michael Pollan's simple maxim as a post-diet strategy for health. (I mean post-diet in the sense of what we do after the age of reducing diets, not how we maintain weight loss after taking drastic measures.) Doesn't it seem logical that enjoying real food must be a way to promote health?

I find that garden season is a natural time for me to embrace such a strategy, and last year with increased physical activity and fresh produce - both the result of doing more gardening - it worked for weight loss and a general sense of wholesomeness. But about mid-January I fell off the wagon - still trying to eat seasonally and locally, but with a bit too much of the extra added attractions. Now is a good time in the year to get back on track. Surely there is enjoyment without gluttony; and gluttony, no matter how organic and local the food, is not green.

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