Friday, April 11, 2008

Techno meat

Here's a brief piece from the NY Times on cultured meat products:

I actually got a few laughs out of this, but that may be because I have been in an out of town meeting (Committee on Science, Technology and Faith) for two days, and am just plain silly.

It does raise a few questions, though.

Can technology provide a magic bullet for the hungry on a stressed planet anymore now than it has in the past?

Is creating cultured meat just letting the richer folks on the planet once again refuse to face their need to change?

Why is it that we can't get creative with vegetables, and use lower tech means to meet our need for a varied diet?

And who is it over twelve who liked chicken nuggets anyway?


John Leech said...

My dog (8x7 = 56 in dog years) likes chicken nuggets - but the vet nixed 'em.

Michael Pollan's book - the one that says, eat less, eat plants - is pretty good; I'm reading it alongside Dominic Crossan's God & Empire. Each has something to say about domination systems (the food-processing industry, the endemic violence in peace-through-victory civilizations) - and about more peaceful alternatives.

Maybe we can't get back to Eden, but we've got to get back to the gardening......

Phina Borgeson said...

Yesterday at the ecumenical roundtable on science, technology and the church, Larry Rasmussen made an interesting comment. There is much theological activity around themes of empire, but no one seems to have appplied it yet beyond the realm of politics and human systems to the whole of creation.

John Leech said...

It would be good to put together our resistance to empire and our desire to be stewards of the earth.