Thursday, February 28, 2008

Terror in your local terroir

Or, is the companion of Peak Oil Peak Wine?

Well, I think this article is right - in the face of everything else, worrying about the impact of climate change on our wine does seem a little trivial.,1,3861092.story

And apparently that's what folks around here think, as so few attended the international conference described. Or it may be that they are oblivious. Or hoping for the best outcomes, as in the prediction for the Russian River Valley. Or perhaps they are just confused: predictions vary widely on what the actual impact on our coastal Mediterranean climate will be. More rain or less is one of the big questions.

Or perhaps they just agree with the climate change denier from the Napa Valley.

Whatever. It's interesting to think what warming temperatures might mean for other crops, or shifts in crops. Might more citrus be grown further north in California? If grapes aren't such a good idea any more, will we put more land back into warm weather food crops? If we need to irrigate more, will some agricultural land eventually be abandoned for that purpose, turned back to rangeland? We certainly don't have enough water to sustain the human population as temperatures rise and water crops more than we do now.

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