Saturday, June 23, 2012

Occupy the hen yard

As I was driving over to the Joe Matos' cheese factory this morning, I saw a hand lettered sign, clearly the advertising of a diversified cottage industry.
Among the items listed were "chicken coups."

I knew the backyard hen movement had gone too far.   Now they are organized and taking over suburbia.   Shades of my second favorite barnyard movie, Chicken Run.  

With all the farm bill tussles and news or lack of it from Rio 20 years later I needed this (presumably) unintentional humor.   It didn't hurt to see a brand new Holstein calf as I drove by Beretta's dairy (Wallaby Organic Yogurt), too.


Susan said...

What is your first favorite barnyard movie? Babe?

Phina Borgeson said...

Yes - though Babe is actually one of my all time favorite movies. Both Chicken Run and Babe are great for talking about "gifts differing."