Sunday, June 10, 2012

Legislation, legislation

There's lots of news out there about the progress of the farm bill through the Congress.   Some of it is better informed than others.   I've been struck by how little attention NPR pays to the largest agricultural state in their coverage.

Two of our local guys published this op ed piece in the Los Angeles Times,0,7923048.story
but I don't think their voices are loud enough to reach the other coast.

Meanwhile, I learned that a bill on preparing food for sale in the home could result in relaxing prohibitions on doing so in California as has been done in 30+ other states.   AB1616 the California Homemade Food Act is making its way through the state legislature.   It has cleared the Assembly, came to the full Senate, and was referred to the Senate Health Committee on June 7.   This would allow, under certain guidelines, the preparation for sale of foods that do not need refrigeration.   Baked goods that don't include cream fillings, meat and the like, for example, plus preserves of a certain pH or lower.   Will it become law in time for this year's preserving season?

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