Monday, February 7, 2011

Scripture reflections

Here are some interesting ones, on the Food and Faith blog related to the Presbyterian (PCUSA) Hunger Program. I particularly liked the one on dandelions and mustard, since it's mustard season here in the wine country.

This has me thinking - why I am not doing more scripture reflections here? I very much enjoyed doing lectionary notes for Interfaith Power and Light's Climate Change Preach-In - this coming Sunday. [] So why not do some notes from time to time with an ag and food perspective?

The PCUSA curriculum on Just Eating still looks good, and is available for adults and middle school, English and Spanish. Free for the downloading.

Why don't Episcopalians do things like this? Oh yeah - some of us do... But there is precious little institutional support for developing resources that could engage our congregations around themes like eating which are important for every one of us - and the rest of creation.

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