Friday, January 28, 2011

Maximize the minimal

It's been a very busy month, leaving me wondered if retired means tired all over again.

This morning, while thinking about the days ahead when I have less teaching to do, and no commutes to Berkeley for a while, I sat down here and decided to catch up on news feeds and the spam blasts about food issues which I really do like to read when I have the time.

So I learned that the weekly Minimalist columns have come to an end. I feel like Mark Bittman has become a friend, so I was happy to read in his farewell
that he will still be writing for the NYTimes Sunday magazine, and continuing his advocacy for good, accessible home cooking and a healthy planetary food system.

Perhaps I'll find some more time this weekend to review the Bittman opus and do my take on his greatest hits, but right off the top I'd say it's the more vegetables less egg frittata. When you have a garden with some kind of greens year round and friends with chickens (who've been having their winter break of late, alas - the chickens, not the friends) nothing could be more healthful, local, tasty and quick.

See highlights and search all the columns here:

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