Friday, March 20, 2009

So now a generation has an excuse

not to like beets! Because Barack Obama doesn't like beets, and there won't be any in the White House garden. The beets are in at my garden - but only one other gardener has any planted. Why this anti-beet feeling in a culture that likes sweet things?

Was it Bush I who didn't like broccoli? There's some here. But I don't see the promised arugula on the plan. Must one plant it in the fall in the D.C. area?

So the White House vegetable garden seemed inevitable, and now everyone is taking credit for it, especially Alice Waters.

I've just looked over the plan and it makes pretty good sense. I'm happy to see they are confining the mint - but I wonder why not interplant the other herbs, especially the annual and tender perennial ones? and the chives? They all help with pest control or attract beneficials.

Hallelujah for the rhubarb - but I am wondering why so few carrots? - and why next to the dill with which they compete?

I assume the tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos and eggplants will go in after the peas and early lettuces.

And that in time they will realize the berry patch is way too small, and they need an asparagus bed!

If John Jeavons were there they would plant some grains, too. Perhaps grains and favas over next winter? They've got way more than enough land to plant staples, like grains and potatoes. Oh dear - have they shunned potatoes, too, but just not told us? Now is when they should go in...

Follow the link to see the garden plan:


Susan said...

I'm pleased to read that there will be bees.

Lori K said...

Broccoli survived Bush the Elder, beets will survive, too. Especially those golden yellow ones. Roasted. Drizzled with a fine olive oil and balsamic vinegar. On baby greens. With a garnish of pine nuts.