Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jane Brody, long time nutritionista at the NY Times, authored an article published yesterday asserting that if you spent just a little more time cooking you could have better nutrition for less money.


The article had a companion piece with a number of recipes.

Now I don't see much to argue with in this article - though of course I would have liked a little more emphasis on the seasonal and local. No, what amazed me was that people would need to be told these things. Do they really need to be told that potatoes, beans and apples are good nutrition for the money? That buying in quantity and then dividing and freezing is a good way to save? That a hearty soup is filling and cheap? how to make tuna salad and baked apples?

I mean - these things all seem so obvious to me! And I was not alive during the last depression.

I was happy to see the revival of salmon croquettes - though I think Nigella Lawson's recipe for salmon cakes is better - a secret vice of mine. But I guess not any longer.

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