Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Why Just Gleanings?

"Gleanings" sprang to mind because sometimes I feel like I am running a home for unwanted fruit. So much backyard fruit, or fruit in untended orchards, or fruit in orchards where the owners are too cheap to pay a fair wage to pickers, goes to waste here. We need more gleaning and more gleaners, to distribute this bounty to those who are hungry for fresh local produce. "Gleanings" has that wonderful other meaning, too - the bits of surprising information or wisdom we pull from our experiences.

"Just" has two meanings, too. It may may mean "only", or "limited to" - and I do intend to limit this blog to gleanings about food and food systems. But I hope here it will always carry a connotation of "righteous," "equitable," etc.

For some time now I've been wanting to start a blog. But I didn't want a blog that was all opinion. And it became clear to me after checking out a number of them that the world did not need another cozy blog about knitting and cats - though I could certainly do that.

I've loved food in all its aspects all my life: gardening, harvesting, preserving, cooking, eating, serving food to others. I've worked to gather, cook and distribute food for the hungry, too. And I have a deep concern for how we might develop sustainable food systems which will foster the health of the planet and all people.

As an Episcopal deacon, a meal is at the heart of my religious practice. Table fellowship, good bread and good wine, is for me where the sacred and the mundane intersect.

I'm also at heart a teacher. I love to share information, provoke reflection, encourage action. So why not, I asked, a blog where I could reflect on the many aspects of food, share resources, and invite others to share.

This won't be a recipe blog, but don't be surprised if one sneaks in from time to time.

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