Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A few more sites

Today I'm noting a few more sites of interest. Nothing profound, just trying to get the resources out there as I think of them.

First, I just learned that Sister Catherine Grace, CHS, has a new address for her blog. It's
Scroll down for her adventures in cheese!
Cheese is something I've never made, so I really appreciated her notes. But it's no secret around here that I buy cheese wherever I travel by car. See the happy cows, buy the cheese. I'm sorry if you are not from California and have never seen the happy cow ads. And I must confess that not all California cows are happily noshing in green fields. But around here, and even more so when I travel north to coastal Humboldt and Del Norte counties, the cows look the way we want to think of them, and the cheese produced locally is good and reasonably priced.

I'm also thinking about the community garden project I am helping to start at Thanksgiving Lutheran Church in my neighborhood. And thoughts of gardens quickly turn to thoughts of seeds. I've been pouring over the Bountiful Gardens seed catalogue.
Bountiful Gardens is a partner organization to Ecology Action in Willits, California.
I bought an earlier edition of "How to Grow More Vegetables" when I was part of a community garden in Reno in the 80's, so it's especially fun to now know the folks at Bountiful Gardens and Ecology Action and to worship with some of them when I am at St. Francis' in the Redwoods in Willits.

A very good resource for getting started examining your life with food is the Sierra Club's project, The True Cost of Food. Good ideas here for working with families, too.
I often judge a site by its links, and this one measures up.

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