Friday, October 8, 2010

Why I've been neglecting posting

Doesn't everyone have a lot of excuses this fall? and not just excuses, but reasons. It seems way busier than the usual fall press of things to do.

I've been working on the on-line class through CALL at CDSP on Food and Faith, so some of my writing and thinking energy has gone in that direction.

Meetings about aspects of our local food system seem to be multiplying, too. The Sonoma County Food System Alliance has chosen some things to do and divided into working groups. I'm on the forum committee (a big meeting planned for February - I'll link to details when we have a firm date) and also on "policy".

Two Saturdays ago I participated in the Slow Food gleaning day, and tomorrow is our Harvestfest at the community garden.

And Sunday I'll be leading the between services conversation at Grace Cathedral on "From Seed to Compost", focusing on food and climate change issues marking 10.10.10

Somewhere in the midst of all that activity I am cooking and preserving the bounty from this strange weather year. The tomatoes and peppers are still ripening, and the winter squash, after some harvesting on my part, is trying to grow some more. Now it's a race against time - who knows in this year of a cold summer and early fall temps in the 100's when the first frost will be?

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