Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Egg(s)

I always thought that shortening days caused hens to slow their laying, but the girls around here have been busy this month. My neighbor sold me a dozen eggs from her girls because they were laying much faster than she and her tenants could eat them. And a woman at my gym is selling eggs, too. Today there were pictures of her girls which I admired while doing my stretching.

It's something of a relief to have these neighborly suppliers, because research I've done on store eggs suggest that labels are suggestive, not really descriptive.

Now here's a short video that tells some of the story:

The Cornucopia folks who bring us this have also prepared a score card of organic egg brands.

So for me it'll be those eggs from girls I know, or as a backup Clover Organic.

What about the cost, you might ask?

Well, a dozen large eggs (the standard for use in recipes) weighs 1 1/2 pounds.

On sale at $3 a dozen, that's $2 lb - about the same as the low end of organic tofu.

At $4.50 a dozen, $3 per pound. Compare to organic tempeh or organic peanut butter - when they are on sale. Or maybe cottage cheese.

Even at $6 a dozen, that's $4 per pound, less than any fish or cheese is ever priced.

Sorry, I can't compare to meat, 'cuz I don't ever buy it, but you get the idea. Good organic eggs priced fairly are still inexpensive protein.

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