Saturday, July 24, 2010

San Francisco Summer

Right here in Santa Rosa.

Well, not exactly. but almost.

We've only had two ninety degree days (F) so far - when we usually have had a couple of two-four day spells with highs over ninety by this time in the season. Night and morning fog has been persistent, with daytime highs running 4 degrees F below normal and lows 2 degrees F. My favorite factoid so far is that last week at this time it was 25 degrees F cooler in Santa Rosa than in Ukiah.

Our summer weather often alternates between San Francisco style and Valley style - but this year it's just been consistently cool. While we get used to having slow tomatoes, I'm wondering if I will have any ripe even by August 1. A few of my neighbors at the community garden have ripe tomatoes - but they are cherries or Early Girls - small fruited types - planted in April - that is, tempting fate! The real tomatoes have joined Slow Food!

I keep telling myself that the good news of this weather is that the lettuce is just now into wholesale bolting and there are still good greens in the garden. The wild blackberries are plump from spring rains and a cool summer. And nothing seems to daunt the summer squash.

How is this affecting commercial crops? I haven't read too much about it yet - but as we ooze into Gravenstein apple and Bartlett pear season I'm sure there will be some news - never mind the grapes!

It's important to remember, it seems to me, that climate change is real. While the globe is warming overall, there are pockets that will be cooler and wetter - like west coast climates where hotter inland valleys keep coastal areas damper and breezier.

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