Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dirty Movie

Just a quick review of "Dirt: the Movie" which I watched the other night.

Perhaps I have been watching too many documentaries and am just on overload, but there was something about the style of this one which got to me. It seemed to be quips from notables strung together to make the writer/producer's point, rather like a term paper with too many quotations. I long for some points of view on the part of those interviewed that are more developed, and some narrative segments with some detail.

That said, it's fun to see how many things Vandana Shiva can do with cow dung, and to get a visual on some of the other notables (I've never seen Wes Jackson or Wangari Mathai - but then I don't have a television). Some of the scenic bits are really stunning.

I still don't know what to make of the animated soil microbes - who look like they could play mutants on South Park - or the anthropomorphizing and woo-woo spirituality in which some of the experts indulge. I would have liked more from the scientists, less from the biodynamic vineyard guy or the tree sniffer.

Perhaps - that word again - you should see it for yourself.

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