Friday, May 7, 2010

Resources from industry

Here I am with a little found time between finishing my desk work, organizing bits and pieces for the 350 Garden Challenge, and heading out to the garden for this evening's work (planting beans).

So I checked out these sites.

Meals Matter is brought to you by the Dairy Council of California. It's a bit biased in the animal foods direction, but has all sorts of tools you can use for planning menus, working on nutrition, organizing your pantry and shopping, etc.

The recipes are all reader contributions, something I feel one has to read critically - but there are a ton of them. Someone who likes fiddling on the computer could learn a lot about meal preparation here.

The egg farmers are at it, too. You can pledge to eat well and do good, and they'll donate an egg to a food bank. This site is more about production than consumption - and a bit glossy in places, I think - but there are some interesting factoids. There are almost as many layers (285 million) in the U.S. as people.

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