Monday, April 12, 2010

How real is reality?

Even without a TV I have been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, the ABC version. Sometimes I laugh out loud, and a few times I've succumbed to the tearjerker manipulation.

At first I wondered if Alice and her co-workers were being exploited. Then I came to see the "lunch ladies" as typical of any group, any where, challenged to change. And after four episodes I wonder if Alice could possibly be that negative - or whether she enjoyed playing a part.

I've also wondered how Ron could change that much in one week. Surely the show was rigged to telescope the 1000 cooking students challenge.

I haven't wondered enough, though, to search on line for chats and gossip about the show.

The work Oliver does with teens and college students seems the most amusing, and the most effective, to me. Bringing back cooking - instead of a dependence on prefabricated and fast food, seems to be at the heart of this. And I thought the visit to the funeral parlor was quite something. But I wonder about his emphasis on meat in his cooking. Surely the folks he is working with have had enough meat already to last a lifetime - even some of their short life times?

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