Thursday, April 15, 2010

Asparagus rolls

This is total trivia - but seasonal.

I've been wondering why asparagus rolls in all the U.S. recipes I can find include meat and cheese. Asparagus cordon bleu?

I prefer mine with simply white bread, asparagus, and butter jazzed up with a little citrus peel or juice and maybe a little seasoning. I had to track down an antipodean recipe site to find the directions for the simple item. And then there's the whole issue of finding the right white bread -the commercial stuff is all too soft, and I hate to spend my time making white sandwich bread. Oh for the Pepperidge Farm white bread of my youth. But next year, when I crave asparagus rolls, I guess I will make my own.

But there are some good recipes here:
All those variations on asparagus soup.

And, as I said, it's in season.

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