Thursday, January 28, 2010

Burping cow is just part of the problem - & other epiphanies

Financial Times tends to emphasize market-based solutions...

Special Report: Business and Food Sustainability
Financial Times 2010 01 26

How to feed people and save the planet - efforts to secure supplies in the face of increased population, climate change and rising prices

Ethics: ‘Islands of best practice in sea of poor to middling ones’

Food science: Rewards of precision farming - a promising alternative to genetic modification

Food safety: Standards set to protect reputations

Traceability in global food supply chains has come a long way, writes Ross Tieman

Multinationals: Self-interest drives new attitudes to agriculture

Case study: Congo coffee on shelves near you soon

Entrepreneurs: The importance of a local connection

Obesity: Corporate sector backtracks on fat facts

Technology: Some rubber tubing and a foot pump - the advantages of small-scale irrigation systems

Case study: Exploring a market-based approach to malnutrition - efforts to address ‘hidden hunger’

Food waste: Plenty of guilt and a very heavy footprint

Supply chains: Plan for the future from fork to farm

Agricultural pollution: Inputs that place huge pressure on the land

Livestock: Burping cow is just part of the problem

ID tags: A fresh perspective on tracking supermarket produce

Mideast supplies: Slowdown in Gulf states’ dash for farmland

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