Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bleary eyes

are what I have from cleaning up the links on this blog! I've checked 'em all, retitled and re-urled some, ditched some, and regrouped them so that links on the same topic are together. On the long list they start with international and end with the consumer and personal stuff.

Why am I doing this? So that I won't be ashamed when I refer people in Tuesday's workshop to my blog! John Jeavons and I are doing a workshop on small-scale sustainable agriculture at CDSP's Epiphany West. He'll be talking generally about his bio-intensive method - and the reason why it can make a difference as we face increasing hunger around the globe. I'm going to cover some material on church community gardens - and related things congregations may do.

Now to finish up the handouts so my free Sunday this month, tomorrow, will have some play time.

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John Leech said...

Check out

Some history from Paul Lee on bio-intensive