Thursday, February 26, 2009

Americans can do anything

There are stacks of little notes to self on my desk and my desktop - things to post or write about that have been delayed. Travel in early February with iffy internet access followed by a doozy of a headcold and then the catching up with work and life have not been conducive to reflection.

Now it's Lent and I'm air travel free for almost two months. I'll be devoting some time to thinking and writing.

But let's start with the latest thing to catch my imagination:

Jon Stewart's response to Bobby Jindal's response to the President's Tuesday address focused on Jindal's account of a childhood trip to a Louisiana super market with his India-born father. There Jindal pere opined that American's can do anything.

Indeed they can, as this recently introduced product, from a company whose slogan is Everything Should Taste Like Bacon, proves.

Baconnaise is more than a sandwich spread. It's a dip for potato chips and french fries. Thinking about this would trigger my gag reflex even if I hadn't seen Stewart's shennanigans last evening.

But wait - there's more - that good old American can-do - Baconnaise comes in lite - with 1/3 fewer calories.

And - hold on - there's still more - Baconnaise doesn't actually contain any bacon - no CAFOs were involved in the production of this product. It is certified Kosher and vegetarian!

A quick internet search revealed all this - but not a detailed list of ingredients, or what is meant by "bacon flavoring". I guess I will have to go shopping just to read the label.

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