Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm ready

for tomato jam

I will probably use the recipe in Fancy Pantry by Helen Witty, a cookbook I've relied on for 20 years. (I've already made the annual batches of seedless blackberry jam - with wild blackberries gathered from behind the community garden - and peach preserves with rum - with a gift of peaches from a parishioner's backyard tree in Ukiah.)

But the tomatoes are finally coming in - in this patchy weather year which slowed everything - and I'm ready for a new tomato turn.

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John Leech said...

Our entire apple crop (one un-tended tree) devolved into two (2) jars of apple butter. There are thousands of blackberries - in one gigantic tangle ... a friend advised cutting lanes into it so we can harvest ... alas for this year the crows win.