Monday, May 19, 2008

Will rising prices mean less food waste?

That's the question posed at the end of this article on wasting food in America.

We've all heard the statistics, I'm sure, and know it's an appalling situation. And anyone who shares a dumpster with neighboring apartments or condominiums certainly knows the score.

We have small yards here where I live, but no green or organic waste dumpster. I don't eat meat, and I do compost, so I don't have much of that childhood guilt about the starving people in other countries. (The country that comes to mind first when you fill in the blank of "Save the starving -----" is probably a clue as to when you were in grade school.) But one look at what others throw out is always a great reality check. It's appalling. And sometimes the food looks almost as good as that in the Times article.

Then when you think about how foodcentric life is around here, the potential waste is astounding.

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