Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Cesar Chavez Day

Where would we be without farmworkers? And why is it that today is a holiday only in California, when much of the produce much of the country eats depends on their efforts?

At least there are greeting cards for today. You can get a Chavez e-card at the UFW site.

And while there you can learn more about what's happening, or even sign the petition to make this a national holiday. After all, March is one of those months when there are no civic holidays - and when March is soggier than it is this year and Easter is late we could use one.

As I was looking at sites about farmworker justice to be linked here, I was saddened by how most address problems rather than offering opportunities. So I've posted a link to the right about ALBA, which is different - an organization small in geographical scope, but wide in its impact, helping "limited-resource, aspiring and immigrant farmers" in Monterey County get training in organic farming. ALBA recognizes that for farmworkers to become farmers they need access to education, capital and land - and gives them a leg up in all three.

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