Saturday, March 15, 2008

Deliver me from the ascientific

An email appeared on an email list today talking about the Low Carbon Diet.

At first I thought it must be someone advocating starvation. I am hard pressed to think of any foods that do not contain carbon. It would be the low carb, low fat, low protein diet. Water and inorganic (as in chemistry, not agricultural methods) sources of minerals. I'd last a while, but you thinner folks would be gone fairly quickly.

Surely people know that carbon is not the enemy? that there would be no life on this planet without it?

I'm guessing they mean a diet that is less dependent on fossil fuels for inputs and processing and transportation energy. But then they need to say that.

Probably next they will call it the Low Energy Diet. Just what we all want from our diets - low energy - though I suppose in one way low energy suggests reduced calories.

I'm a fan of the low methane diet myself.

So is the PB, Katharine Jefferts Schori

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