Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What are you bringing home the bacon in?

As long as we are posting information that is tangential to food issues -

An article on designer canvas bags from WholeFoods in today's NY Times cites Worldwatch as the source for this statistic:

Americans throw away about 100 billion plastic bags a year.

So do the math. That's almost one bag a day for every man, woman and child.

Now take stock - be honest. How many do you throw away in the average week? month? year?

The point isn't paper or plastic - it's reduce the number you take of both, and then reuse what you do take. Then recycle (or compost for paper) what you can.

I'd love to know how others are doing at this. Please post a comment...

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John Leech said...

At the Span market on Inis Mor I paid Euro .35 for a plastic carrier bag - Irish standard is to charge you for each one. Fewer end up in the trees' branches I'm sure... Owning some re-usable net or canvas bags is probably best. And perhaps a 'granny cart' (foldable trolley) instead of a Volvo.