Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Health" isn't all there is

From an article in yesterday's Washington Post on organic vs conventional:

"Leave aside for the moment whether organic agriculture is better for the planet and whether organic livestock have better lives, although there’s a strong case for both of those arguments. Leave aside flavor, too, because it’s subjective and variable. What motivates many organic buyers, particularly the parents of small children, is health benefits, and there are two questions: Do organics do us more good (in the form of better nutrition), and do they do us less harm (in the form of fewer contaminants and pathogens)?"

I'm just not willing, even for a moment, to leave aside the health of the soil, the well being of animals and the flavor of my food.  This consumerist, reductionist, food as nutrients and toxins only mindset gets up my nose.  

There, I've said it and I'm glad!

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