Friday, March 8, 2013

Environmentally wise isn't necessarily healthful

...not when multiple tablespoons of fat are in a food with no redeeming nutritional value.

Everyone knows the story by now.   When trans fats (hydrogenated oils as in margarine) were removed from prepared foods, manufacturers turned to the vegetable fats which are solid at room temperature naturally.   Palm oil use sky-rocketed, and rainforests were destroyed at alarming rates to make way for oil palm plantations.   Orangutans were endangered with habitat loss, and green house gases increased.

Now, at the behest of a stock holder, the New York State pension fund,  Dunkin' Donuts has pledged to do something about this.  Imagine, sustainably produced fats in your jelly doughnut!  Along with the white flour, white sugar, and God-only-knows what else.

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Lori K said...

When I worked at Dunkin' Donuts many years ago, I was appalled to discover that the "creme" in their "creme-filled" doughnuts was actually whipped vegetable shortening and sugar. I haven't been able to eat one since, but I suppose even the plain ones have more empty calories and fat that what's good for you.