Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is August 15 the degree of food?

Julia Child would have been 100 today.   It's always interested me that she and I shared a birthday. Makes me think about an astrology book I had once that assigned a meaning to every one of the days in the year.   Surely August 15 is food?
I chatted with niece Pam today, we sang happy birthday to one another,  and we talked about what is growing in our gardens and what we made with it for lunch and dinner!

The symposium remembering Julia at my alma mater will be closer to what would have been my mother's 100th birthday, in September.   (My mother was another great inspiration for my life in the kitchen.)  Brava to the Radcliffe Institute for streaming more of its fora.  Here's the bumpf:
And the keynote is by another 1968 grad, Laura Shapiro.

And I'm not going to tell anyone how many times I have watched this:

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