Monday, May 7, 2012

Silent Spring

Not that kind of silent spring - but my spring silence on this blog.   Apparently I've been so busy with my own food system that I haven't posted anything here.

For Earth Day I repackaged cucumber and zucchini seeds and gave them away at church.  I also had about 25 plants I had started from seed.   Mostly tomatoes, but a few peppers and herbs, too.   The idea is that people will bring some of their yield, and then we'll have a canning class or two.   A learning opportunity, moving forward the tradition of preserving among members of our congregation as some of the oldsters die.  We'll also  generate some goods for the annual sale around Thanksgiving.    One of our members is taking a master preserving class in another county, and we are looking for the appropriate equipment for the parish kitchen.

I've also been busy in the garden.   The greens that wintered over are bolting and coming out.   Today's task is to haul them to a spot at the edge of the garden where I will begin a new compost pile.  Tomatoes and peppers are beginning to go in.  Meanwhile I am harvesting artichokes, peas, leaf lettuce and baby turnips.

My artichoke has been quite prolific.   I've steamed a lot, and had one for lunch most days.  I gave a lot away, but now am down to the babies.  These last small ones for this year will be stripped down and sauteed rather than steamed.   I must say, though, that the plant is a space hog, and kind of a snail Hilton, so it may come out next year and be replaced by other perennials, perhaps with an intervening planting of legumes.  

At home I still have more peppers and eggplant in the nursery.  Squashes are sprouting.   There are spots for several winter squash in my plot; the summer squash, eggplant, and additional peppers will go in when the peas are spent and the garlic is harvested.  Oh - and I'm going to get some new poles for pole beans - 3 teepees this year, both green and shell.

Sometimes I marvel at how much goes on in my little plot.    

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