Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Other projects

Today I will be taking one more look at the Sonoma County Food Forum report, on which the copy editing team has been working while I did Holy Week, Easter Day, and the annual meeting of the Ecumenical Roundtable on Science, Technology and the Church.

My work on food systems for the Episcopal Committee on ST&Faith was well received. In the works is a booklet for congregations, a food audit.

The backgrounder from the ST&F work and an outline of my workshop on May 19 have gone off to the National Episcopal Health Ministry folks.

Meanwhile, there is more to be done on GMO issues for a report to the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church next month.

And the tomato seedlings could be a little bigger, given the prospect of a warm and dry May. They need some coaxing before going into the garden.

Does this explain why I haven't been blogging much?

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