Tuesday, August 24, 2010

clips - earth democracy, non-interventionist farming, and agriturismo

Vindana Shiva interviewed in Cowbell Magazine - her radical vision of a green future, Earth Democracy...

'This inconsistency of the globalization project with democracy is something that needs to be addressed, that [globalization] is a project that can only be kept in place through lying about what’s really happening. And when people wake up, because people’s lives tell them this is not really true—when they say ,“Oh, we’re having growth” and people are running into unemployment—you can’t keep lying to people that we’re doing well. If India is told that we are shining, and half the people are starving, a starving person knows we are not shining.'


Harry Eyres writes on Masanobu Fukuoka and his theory and practice of the non-interventionist farming that was his life’s work and philosophy,

and on agriturismo in Chianti...


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