Monday, March 8, 2010

Presbyterian Food and Faith blog

The latest spam blast from the National Council of Churches eco-justice unit has a note on a Presbyterian initiative to tour sustainable ag sites in parts of the south and Midwest on their way from Louisville to Detroit for the US Social Forum, June 22-26.

This sounds like a good and interesting thing to do, and I wonder if the Episcopal Church is involved in this in anyway, and if not, why not? I'm guessing that since we have a denominational domestic poverty conference in April, this event for all sorts and kinds of activists, from many denominations and none, is not on our institutional radar. If anyone knows different, comments please.

There are also some interesting posts on the PCUSA Food and Faith blog

Most recent, for example, is a cut and pasted piece by Anna and Frances Moore Lappe critiquing the Gates foundation's latest plan to end malnutrition.

One of the things, though, that fascinates me about the Food and Faith blog is that the links on the left look surprisingly like the list of links on this blog when I started out - but there is no link to this blog. Hmmmm. I learn more everyday about the things you can do in the blogosphere.

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Susan said...

1. What is the Episcopal domestic poverty conference?

2. I can't locate your blog reference to/comments on Gardener's Question Time. I can find it on the BBC.