Friday, August 14, 2009

A Reminder to Myself

I seem to have lost track of my summer task, to review as many food-themed films I haven't seen and visit some others as I can.

Julie and Julia really isn't on my list, as I found the book way too all-about-me on the part of the author, and I wonder why I need to see yet another person do a Julia Child imitation, no matter how good an actor Streep is. It's still an imitation.

I note that my local PBS station is celebrating J.C.'s birthday with a two hour fund-raising retrospective. I may watch it, but it's my birthday, too, so actually cooking something good might be a better use of time.

Back to movies: the LA Times came up with a reminder list of foodie friendly films from the past. I'd add some and subtract a few, but here they are, a nice mix:,0,3280677.story


Anonymous said...

No Eat Drink, Man Woman?
No Scent of Green Papaya?
No Babette's Feast!!!
Sigh, Eric H. in Reno

phina said...

They were already on my list. My local video offered a free one for my birthday, so I watched "Woman on Top." Sometimes a banana is just a banana, but not in this one.