Monday, July 6, 2009

G8 shifts focus from food aid to farming (

G8 shifts focus from food aid to farming

By Javier Blas in London

Published: July 6 2009 00:08

The G8 countries will this week announce a “food security initiative”, committing more than $12bn for agricultural development over the next three years, in a move that signals a further shift from food aid to long-term investments in farming in the developing world.

The US and Japan will provide the bulk of the funding, with $3bn-$4bn each, with the rest coming from Europe and Canada, according to United Nations officials and Group of Eight diplomats briefed on the “L’Aquila Food Security Initiative”. Officials said it would more than triple spending. ...


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Dagmar said...

The G8 is shifting their focus from food aid to agriculture... long term solutions are good, but to rape an old cliche: you can't

teach a starving man to fish!

There is a need for short term hunger solutions too.

The world food program does this well with their purchase for progress:

By buying food aid locally, the feed the same local, the local economy and local agriculture.

It's a clever balance between filling the hungry gap, while investing in the future. And anyway, investing in urgent hunger needs

is an investment in the future. It brings political stability while boosting health and promoting global human development gains.

We need more projects like this!