Sunday, December 28, 2008

If you only read one article about global food

this is a good place to start:

I like Lang's (member of the newly formed UK Food Council) list of four things to address:

1) an oil-based food system in the face of declining oil supplies

2) water scarcity - we need to know the water cost of our food, and not import food from countries experiencing water shortages (undermining those countries food sovereignty further)

3) biodiversity - doing agriculture in a way that enhances it "how can food systems work with the planet and biodiversity, rather than raiding and pillaging it?"

4) getting real about urbanization

The article also notes that while global food prices have dropped a bit since earlier this year (see item 1 above - and consider the current unnaturally low price of oil) 40 million more people around the world have been pushed into hunger in 2008.

Here is Tim Lang in a sentence:
"The 21st Century is going to have to produce a new diet for people, more sustainably, and in a way that feeds more people more equitably using less land."

Are we up to it?

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