Monday, October 29, 2007

words and phrases

There are a bunch of notes on my desk, written on scraps of paper and the backs of envelopes from junk mail, on words and phrases that have caught my fancy. It seems like a good idea to do a little round up of them here. None really spawned a full entry, but all are clever or amusing, I think.

I've seen both "agrofuels" and "agrifuels" but am wondering if it should be "aggrofuels".

An article in the NYTimes a while back talked about a wonderful sounding emporium in Milan called "Eataly" - with local artisan foods and produce, cooking classes, etc. There will be one in New York, but of course it will feature all high end imports: somebody else's slow food jetted to the USA and bought in a hurry. I'd like to propose a center here with our local stuff, which could easily be called "California EATalian". So much of it is.

"Eco-gastronomy" - somehow this feels like me in a word.

But a phrase that can be used to describe the extreme ecogastronomes (I think this is from Barbara Kingsolver) is "veering past purity to madness". They may be suffering from "food miles shame".

I found a recipe which described its method as basically a "dump, stir and taste operation".

And reading a history of community gardens, I found this excellent reminder among the slogans used during WWI "Practice Economy Without Parismony". I like being frugal, but I find cheeseparing and those who talk about it very tedious indeed.

I'll wrap this up with a phrase that conjured up a different image than I think it was intended to: "battered frozen food".

Dear readers - if you've found great turns of phrase appropriate to my topic, please add a comment.

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