Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Local Urban Agriculture

In today's Press Democrat, city council approval for annexing the Imwalle site was announced. What this seems to mean is that the amount of land the Imwalle's are planting now will stay the same for the near future, but the adjacent land that's been lying fallow will go to housing. I was interested that councilwoman Veronica Jacobi voted against the move, favoring an even denser development on the ten acres in question. This would leave more open space, and place houses further from Santa Rosa Creek. Jacobi is the council member from my quadrant of Santa Rosa (NW), not from the starter castle NE.

Earlier this week, the PD covered the new park in the SW, specifically Roseland. The land has an agricultural history, so Landpaths, the nonprofit which works with the Open Space District, will be starting a community garden there. I hope to see what they are doing, maybe get involved a little. And I think it would be great to get an urban agriculture network going here in Santa Rosa.

Read about the Bayer Farm and proposed park here:

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